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Baggage on safari should be carefully considered. One soft-sided bag and one smaller piece of hand luggage per person is recommended. In total Ihis should not weigh more than 15kgs for most East Africa domestic flights. This allowance includes camera equipment. Suitcases and other heavier items can usually be stored in city hotels while clients are on safari.

We love taking children on safari and they are welcome throughout Africa as well as in the Selous Mbega Camp & Kilwa Seaview Resort. For Fly - Camping safaris we however advice that the children be at least 12 years old. 

Dress is usually informal and should be comfortable. Essential items are a wide-brimmed sun hat. long-sleeved cotton shirts, shorts and casual trousers. 

Travellers' cheques in US dollars or pounds sterling and major credit cards are not widely accepted as well as at Selous Mbega Camp & Kilwa Seaview Resort. We accept Tanzania Shillings, US Dollars, Pounds Sterling, Euro. Please use official money-changing bureaux and avoid street-dealers.

Drinking Water
You will find many differences of opinion regarding what is safe and what is not. We therefore recommend that for peace of mind, you drink filtered water provided in the rooms or stick to bottled water. 

Apart from Fly- Camping safaris, all accommodation has some form of permanent electricity, albeit sometimes erratic. The supply is generally 220-240v and plugs are three-pin square or round. If you have any charges, make sure your battery charger is of the same voltage.

Entry Requirements
Please consult the appropriate embassy or high commission on entry visa requirements. 

Malaria is prevalent throughout Africa and we cannot stress too highly the importance of taking the correct precautions agaitist it. For this, we suggest that you consult your doctor well before departure. Also, please obtain the appropriate medication and vaccinations for the specific country to which you are travelling.

Hold Check-in/Out Times
At Selous Mbega Camp & Kilwa Seaview Resort Rooms are generally available for occupation until your time of departure, but this is not guaranteed in the high season, we will however try and provide you with a storage area for your luggages until your departure.

Adequate travel insurance is a condition of booking. Please ensure that all persons take out full insurance to include medical, repatriation and baggage damage/loss charges.

English is spoken in all cities and tourist areas, however, other European languages are less commonly understood.

Meals and Drinks
Today, food on safari is usually above people's expectations. The day starts with pre-safari tea/coffee, then back a cooked breakfast. Lunch & Dinner at Selous Mbega Camp is normally buffet-style,at Kilwa Seaview Resort meals can be ordered to your wishes. Alcoholic spirits, beer or wine are readily available. 

We suggest that you take enough film and spare batteries with you, as both are usually very expensive. Also, bring a dust-proof bag to cover all equipment. For good bird and animal photography, a 200mm lens is the minimum recommendation. A polariser is useful for bright conditions. It is normally prohibited to photograph the head of state or his entourage, police in uniform, airports, harbours or prisons. Also, please ask permission before filming ihe local people, who may become belligerent if they do not want to be photographed.

Africa is no different from anywhere else, just follow the common-sense rules. Remember that excessive displays of jewellery or cash will attract unwelcome attention. Do not leave valuables lying around. Instead use room safes or leave valuables with the hotel/camp manager for safety. We also recommend that you do not walk around unfamiliar streets at any time.

At the Selous Mbega Camp there is only Radio Call communication HF frequency at 7.440.0 LSB. VHF frequency at 143.475.. At Kilwa Seaview Resort telephone & fax communications are possible.

Tipping is not compulsory and is recommended only if ihe service has deserved it. We recommend this be done directly or through a staff tip-box, whichever guests feel more comfortable with. It is helpful to have a small supply of low-denomination notes handy.

One Last Word of Advice
Life is sometimes a little slower on the African Continent. Local people are generally polite, hospitable and eager to assist but may not always understand everything in your terms. If you are patient, we are sure you will come away pleased, with wonderful lasting memories.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: The Kilwa Seaview Resort is on a cliff, so does that mean it does not have any beach access?

A: A large part of the Kilwa Seaview Resort is on a cliff yes, but the resort compond also has access to about 250 metres of its own beach front. So you can enjoy both the beach and the cool cliff breezes.


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