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Historical sites




HISTORICAL SITES: Visit the islands & towns of Kilwa with their historical sites. Kilwa Kisiwani, Songo Mnara with 14th Century arab ruins & the town of Kilwa Kivinje known more for its recent historical sites during german colonization. At Kilwa Seaview Resort we can arrange for you to see a variety of historical sites within the Kilwa area. By far the most important is the visit to Kilwa Kisiwani island which has the largest collection of ruins to be seen. We can arrange a trip for you by power boat or by dhow to visit Kilwa Kisiwani. Kilwa Kivinje can also be visited for some more interesting historical sites by vehicle from the Kilwa Seaview Resort. A longer trip to Songo Mnara island will round off all the major historical sites to visit.

RELAXING: White sandy beaches, clear blue water, swimming pool, beach walks, beach games, sun bathing, and more..

SNORKELING: A variety of excellent snorkeling areas are within easy reach from the Kilwa Seaview Resort beach or in the bay. As well as a short boat trip to one of the many reefs. Marine Life abounds around the Kilwa Seaview Resort & Kilwa Masoko Bay. Or just snorkel off from the beach, or travel out to one of the nearby coral reefs. We can arrange a boat to take you there.

BIRDING: Near to Kilwa Seaview Resort, within the river estuaries with their large mangrove swamps, we can take you for a birding safari.  The mangrove forests, inter tidal flats, various islands and rocky cliffs provide a perfect habitat for a large amount of birds. These areas may be used for roosting, feeding and breeding of waterfowls. Some of the more common birds one may find include: Sandpipers, Terns, Egrets & Herons, Cormorants, Ibis, African Storks, Ducks, Geese, the majestic Fish Eagle of course, Plovers, Little Stints, Gulls, Kingfishers, Frigates and Gannets, Oyster Catchers, Pied Crows, Weavers, Falcons, Doves and Hawks. Fruit bats can also be found feeding and roosting around Kilwa. On these trips you may also come across Hippos and crocodiles if you are lucky, which live close to where the rivers enter the mangrove swamps. Or you may find monkeys and even other sorts of animals within the shores. These birding safaris are done aboard power boats as well as the more adventures way of on a dhow which in turn is much quieter as well. We can arrange both versions for you with advance notice to the manager at the Kilwa Seaview Resort.

DIVING:  Just a short distance by boat away from the Kilwa Seaview Resort, behind the reefs one will find a variety of diving areas.   Join in on a fully equipped scuba diving outing or safari.

The Kilwa area is known in having many islands, mostly sandy and resting on coral platform, surrounded by fringing reefs seaward and extensive patch reef formations on all remaining sides. The fringing coral reefs flank the coastline and form an additional chain of small islands. Most of the coral reefs are pristine and also rich in maritime biodiversity. The sandy islands are also important breeding sites for sea- turtles.

FISHING (IN CO- OPERATION WITH KILWA LODGE): Just a short distance by boat away from the Kilwa Seaview Resort, behind the reefs as well as in the bay one  will find a variety of excellent fishing grounds. One of the specialities when visiting the Kilwa area is the amazing opportunity of doing some of the best Big Game Fishing along the East African Coast. Fully equipped big game fishing vessels are there for your use, including their knowledgeable crews. Giant Black Marlin, Striped and Blue Marlin, Yellow fin Tuna, Barracudas, King fish, Bill fish and Sailfish, just to mention a few, await you of the shores of Kilwa. Saltwater fly fishermen can try their luck at catching the elusive bone fish as well. All the tackle supplied is IGFA (International Game Fishing Association) rated. In general the skippers encourage a tag- and- release policy.

MATUMBI CAVES:  A full-day trip into the Matumbi Hills can be arranged from the Kilwa Seaview Resort. There one can visit the Matumbi cave complex. The caves saw service as a hide- out during the 1905 to 1907 Maji Maji Uprising. The caves are however now used as a place of worship as well as to catch porcupines, whose quills have medicinal and ritual significance. There are a variety of entrances to various caves, named Nang´oma, Anduli, Nakitala or Nakinduguyu. See also Peter Marwan´s “The Caves in the Matumbi Hills and their importance to the Native People” here!.


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