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Kilwa Ruins

Historical Sites How to get to Kilwa Links

Kilwa Kisiwani is where one will find the greatest collection of ruins. Directly on the Northern shore one will find the old Omani Fort, which is built on the foundations of the old Portuguese fort, in the early 19th Century, and where still an old wooden door remains. >>>

Visit the islands & towns of Kilwa with their historical sites. Kilwa Kisiwani, Songo Mnara with 14th Century arab ruins & the town of Kilwa Kivinje known more for its recent historical sites during german colonization. >>>

Follow this link to find out how you can get to Kilwa and Kilwa Seaview Resort. You will also find links to different air lines operating to the area. >>>

Find out different links in Kilwa including our own links, travel to Kilwa, Airlines, hotels in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania government and many more. Check out useful links on Baobab Village Group Website. >>>



Kilwa Seaview Lodge is situated on top of a cliff overlooking the Kilwa Masoko bay; this is the right start- off point to visit the historical sites such as ruins, beaches, mystery, the sea etc. Come and visit another world heritage site of Tanzania; the historical islands of Kilwa Kisiwani & Songo Mnara or Kilwa Kivinje with their ruins of past gone civilisation and riches.


At Kilwa Seaview Resort & around Kilwa in general you can experience different activities such as Historical sites, Caves, Snorkelling, Diving, Dhow Sailing, Deep Sea Fishing, Sailing, Birding or simply relaxing on the beach or at the swimming pool. >>>

Before making your trip to Kilwa Seaview Resort and Kilwa in general, get some advisce on healthy issues, baggages, travelling with children, clothing, entry requirements, currency, drinking water, photography, security, tipping, telecommunication and many more. Check out our trip advisor on Baobab Village Group Website. >>>

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